Life Coaching

The Center for Truth and Healing offers free and affordable community workshops and events that enhance participant's lifestyles. These workshops include but are not limited to; basic and advanced computer skills, GED tutoring, credit counseling, career skills training, entrepreneur assistance, women and men's empowerment events, health awareness, youth activities, parenting classes, and more. 

CFTH's volunteers are committed to our clients and to our mission. It is our vision to make sure that everyone that aspires to change their path in life is given access and equipped with the right tools to succeed. 

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Spiritual Guidance can help comfort and give you direction for your life's journey. By connecting to your inner spirit you can free yourself of stress, life's demands and burdens. Learn how to eliminate stress, meditate, and how to take control of your destiny! CFTH has partnered with 1on1 Personal Development, Inc. to provide our clients with free to affordable spiritual mentoring sessions.