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How You Manage Your Money Matters (Free Interactive Financial Literacy Workshop)

How you manage your money matters. Don’t miss this free financial literacy workshop hosted by the Beloit Black WallStreet Investment Cooperative with a special guest speaker, Ms. Toccara Addison-Clapp.

Mrs. Addison-Clapp is the Founder of Designed Financial Coaching, LLC. She is passionate about educating
others in Personal Finance and helping people design their financial future. She believes how you manage your money matters. She is on Facebook, Instagram, and a YouTube creator.

She aspires to help young people before they spiral into debt due to student loans, credit cards, and everyday life. She also helps those already in these situations navigate their way out without feeling judged and truthful in what they need to do to accomplish their financial goals.

Toccara graduated from college debt-free and bought her first home where she currently still resides on her 25th birthday. Right now, she is not stressed about her finances these days. She is presently a licensed Medical Coder for an extensive hospital system in North Carolina. She works on her business each day after work. She can’t wait to educate as many people as possible and help them feel comfortable and confident about their finances.

Be sure to mark your calendar. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to set financial goals and stick to them
  • How to prepare your budget and balance your accounts
  • How to implement best practices for financial management
  • How to control your expenses
  • How to manage your income smartly

Here’s the link to join: https://bit.ly/Moneymgmt

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