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The Center for Truth and Healing (CFTH) is an international nonprofit organization headquartered in the United States. Our services are aimed at educating the youth and underserved adults, providing training to unemployed and underemployed workers to address domestic and international workforce issues, and increasing the number of successful and sustainable businesses owned by minorities.

By collaborating with instructors, recruiters, human resource personnel, and more we are able to create personalized training programs that prepare workers to fill openings within weeks instead of months and for the Future of Work.

Additionally, we partner with local businesses and organizations to provide wrap-around support services such as housing and utility assistance, childcare, transportation, ESL classes, and more to those actively training.

For those seeking to start or grow their businesses, we offer free workshops, accelerators, boot camps, and incubators. These services help participants to form new businesses, get help to grow struggling businesses, and obtain funding to start, sustain, or scale their businesses.

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Support local, regional, national, and international clean-up campaigns.

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With your donation we can do our part to ensure that everyone eats.

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Your donations help us to provide free and affordable education, resources, and programs to participants in underserved areas.

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